Lichfield MP ‘devastated’ over plans to move Hammerwich into Tamworth constituency

Sep 13, 2011 by Ross

Lichfield MP Michael Fabricant has called for a rethink on proposals to move Hammerwich into the Tamworth MP constituency.

The Boundary Commission have unveiled a number of changes to constituencies across the country as part of shake-up which aims to see the number of MPs reduced to 50 by the next general election.

Under the proposals, Hammerwich will move into Tamworth, while Hixon and Haywood will come into Lichfield from the current Stafford constituency.

Michael Fabricant

Michael Fabricant

And despite welcoming the new areas into his remit, Mr Fabricant admitted he was “devastated” by the decision on Hammerwich.

He said:

“I am delighted that Haywood and Hixon ward incorporating Colwich, Little Haywood, Great Haywood, and Hixon might be joining the new Lichfield constituency. I represented that ward previously in the old constituency of Mid Staffordshire and I still have very many friends there.

“But I am devastated that the Boundary Commission has proposed that Hammerwich leaves Lichfield to join Tamworth and I hope that they will rethink this change.”

Should the Hammerwich switch be confirmed, the ward would then fall under Christopher Pincher MP.

And he has reassured residents that he will work closely with them if the proposals get the go-ahead.

He said:

“I am very pleased the Boundary Commission has chosen not to carve up historic Tamworth across the border with Warwickshire which was a possibility. Instead they have chosen to keep the existing constituency together, adding one more ward from Lichfield District to bring up the constituency the required number of electors.

“I will work with Lichfield District wards in my constituency, as I have always done, as well as wards in Tamworth borough and I am very happy to talk with anyone from Lichfield District, particularly Hammerwich ward, to address any questions they may have. And I will be talking about the proposed changes with councillors in the next few days.”

To read the full report, visit the Boundary Commission website.

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